Crystals change and evolve over time, just as humans do.  If you closely examine your crystals that have multiple flaws with a magnifying device, you will certainly notice changes occurring over time.  Amethyst is one stone that appears to be more significantly affected than other crystals.  The more the stones are worked with energetically, the more quickly they will be altered.

Mother Nature never ceases to amaze with the wonderful variety of crystals that are produced within the Earth.  The seemingly unlimited number of Etch Patterns (such as the exquisite perfect Triangles found on the facets of Record Keepers), bizarre inclusions (such as an orange Hematite alien looking form in one of my personal spheres) to Doorways that feel like they are taking you into a completely different dimension and reality.

Every so often I am pulled into a new direction with crystals.  Recent ones include Tanzanite, Dauphine Twin and Congo Smoky Amethyst.  I resisted Tanzanite for years and then was finally pulled into its seductive energies and began acquiring stones.  Now I have many of them and love the Tricolors (Blue, Violet and Green).  Dauphine Twins are a fairly awesome type of Quartz crystal (identified by a Window on both sides of the same facet) and felt very strongly that I should work with them.  The most recent is the Smoky Amethyst from the Congo, which has a similar yet different energy compared to Super 7.

Crystals & Gemstones are wonderful conduits for the transfer of energy.  Piezo Electricity (the production of an electrical current when a crystal, such as Quartz, is stimulated) gives total objectivity to the fact that crystals have and transmit energies.  I am very thankful that Piezo Electricity exists.

It should be remembered that the various crystals and gemstones are excellent tools and can greatly assist in the movement of a wide variety of energies, but they are not as potent an energy mover or healing channel as we are.  Either individually, or even more so as a group, the energies flowing through us humans will usually obtain quicker and better results than just relying on the crystals.  This is something that I need to be reminded of from time to time since I work with stones every day.

Emerald is unbelievably fantastic for the healing and balancing of the energies in the back and spinal area.  It tends to move the energies upwards from the Root Chakra, so sitting on it or having it beneath you when lying down works very well.  When working on another individual all you need to do is slowly move an Emerald up and down the spine, keeping the stone about an inch above the skin and within  etheric field.  After a minute or so you should feel a strong stream of energy coming back towards your hand, and also a bit of heat a long with it.  Emerald tends to generate significant heat even though has a cool color.  Emerald also has other healing properties. I dearly love Emeralds and almost always have one in my pocket.

When there is more than one crystal with or on your person, you can selectively turn each of them on and off by concentrating on the stone(s) for a few seconds with the desired intention. For example, if you are wearing 4 different stones, you can activate 2 of them while keeping the other 2 dormant for the time being.  You can also activate stones from any distance by concentrating on them.  This technique was proven to work with plants in the 1970’s and it translates extremely well into the mineral world.  Some stone combinations that appear to work well together include Lapis Lazuli/Amethyst, Lapis/Emerald, Emerald/Diamond, Amethyst/Citrine/Smoky Quartz (Super 7), Amethyst/Garnet, Amethyst/Rose Quartz, Garnet/Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz/most any stone.

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