During these times of heightened energy and stress, it is extremely beneficial to remember to breathe when your environment is making you uncomfortable. 3 complete breaths, inhaling as much air as you can through the nose and exhaling slowly through the mouth completely releasing all of that air, will restore a greater sense of calmness and centeredness almost 100% of the time.

Also remember (saying this to myself as well) to energize or structure not only your water, but your food as well. This can easily be performed by channeling energy through the hands, and you will have an inner knowing of when the task has been completed. This will ensure that what is being put into your body will be increasingly in harmony with it.

Have received much information over the last number of months concerning The Sacral and Alta Major centers.  They and the 3rd Eye form a Triangle that has become very important in regards to the current energy flows.  The Sacral Center appears to not be focused upon very often even though it is the paramount Center for the storage and distribution of Chi.  The Alta Major Center is at the back of the neck and has been used as a major point of energy inflow by the yogis.

I love anomalies but they sue can make your head spin in multiple directions.  They assist in my keeping a fluid paradigm.  If your belief system does not make room for anomalies, or for the truth that scientific evidence reveals, then it is probably time for it to be overhauled.  From metal objects that remind one of spark plugs found in quarries to human footprints next to those of dinosaurs, anomalies can be stranger than the imagination.  Are they the product of Time travelers, Space travelers (ET’s) or interdimensional doorways or ?

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