I regularly watch the programs being aired on ancient Egypt and am still astonished at the inaccuracies that have been perpetuated for decades and that still remain in current programs. For example, carbon dating was performed on samples collected under the auspices of archaeologist Dr. Mark Lehner in the 1990’s on organic material contained in the mortar between the limestone blocks of the Great Pyramid. These results clearly demonstrate that this Pyramid is at least hundreds of years older than the 2,400 BC date that is still adhered to as being factual. Several weeks ago I watched a recently produced program where Dr. Lehner once again stressed the 2,400 BC date. Very strange indeed.

Egypt, a vast frontier of unrevealed knowledge. The entire country is a receptacle of energy. Every stone that you touch literally reeks with character, as well as untold centuries of stories to tell. Look deep within and you will experience many plendid things. Look even deeper and you may discover the secret that ties all of Egypt together, for it is indeed a single entity that still lives. Many wonderful things await the intrepid traveler to the sands of time. The temples will speak their names if you listen and the tombs will deafen you with their loud silence.

Anpu (anubis) will guide you on your journey if you let him.   However, many of the places he will take you are not necessarily pleasant. The darkness must first be traversed before a greater light can be bestowed. He will open the doors of the past, present and future, and can open all of the internal doors within you as well. He holds the keys (Ankhs) of eternity and his domain extends beyond the Earth. His silence carries a profound wisdom born of an innate understanding of how everything connects and works together. He will do all that he can to help you move forward on your path. If you summon Anpu’s assistance, be ready for a wild and bumpy ride.

Egypt is in my soul and its sands have worked their way into my entire being. Its temples are within me and the Neters are my playmates. The wise still lay hidden beneath the sands, ready to be awakened at the proper time. Egypt will live again and its secrets will be revealed once again to the Shemsu Hor. I feel their blood in my veins and its life runs back untold thousands of years. It will continue to run into the far distant future. Civilization as we know it owes its very existence to the people of the pyramids. Their wisdom still influences man today.

When performing any observations or channels of thought concerning Egypt, it must be kept in mind that in ancient Egypt there was the utmost attention to precision and detail.  This means that there were specific messages and information being transmitted from the hieroglyphs and numerous reliefs on the walls, ceilings, columns and sarcophagi.   There was a reason for each angle, each hand gesture (sometimes with 2 left or right hands),

Ancient Egypt was thought to be a single entity with each area re[resenting a different part of its body.  Every temple resided in an energy focal point within that body, with each of them having a unique and specific energy flow.  Since the various locations represented different parts of the being of Egypt, each of the temples had to be at least slightly different from any of the others and exhibit its own singular combination of energies.  Physical Egypt was a reflection of the Heavens.

There is a monumental struggle that has been ongoing for years concerning the origin of the limestone blocks in the Great Pyramid.  Tradition says they were cut but the scientific evidence strongly suggests they wee poured in place.  This is exemplified by multiple “smoking guns”; Water Content, Mineral Analysis and Jumbling of the Fossils.  Any one of these pieces of evidence would point to the stones having been poured, but taken into consideration as a whole overwhelmingly screams that the blocks were not chiseled from the native rock.