Have experienced strong bursts of energy from Sirius twice recently.  The initial occasion was Saturday 2/10 during Meditation group.  The next was late Monday night while in bed.  Both included intense 3rd Eye stimulation.  Hopefully these energy exchanges portend more wonderful things to come in the near future.  I have been connected to the star Sirius since it was the main focal point of my initial initiatory Meditational experience many years ago.


I regularly watch the programs being aired on ancient Egypt and am still astonished at the inaccuracies that have been perpetuated for decades and that still remain in current programs. For example, carbon dating was performed on samples collected under the auspices of archaeologist Mark Lehner in the 1990’s on organic material contained in the mortar between the limestone blocks of the Great Pyramid. These results clearly demonstrate that this Pyramid is at least hundreds of years older than the 2,400 BC date that is still adhered to as being factual. Several weeks ago I watched a recently produced program where Mark Lehner once again stressed the 2,400 BC date. Very strange indeed.


Crystals & Gemstones are wonderful conduits for the transfer of energy. Piezo Electricity (the production of an electrical current when a crystal such as Quartz is stimulated) gives total objectivity to the fact that crystals have and transmit energies.

Crystals change and evolve over time, just as humans do.  If you closely examine your crystals that have multiple flaws with a magnifying device, you will certainly notice changes occurring over time.  Amethyst is one stone that appears to be more significantly affected than other crystals.  The more the stones are worked with energetically, the more quickly they will be altered.

First Blog Post

This is the post excerpt.

Yesterday, 3/10/18, watched a program I recently recorded on Ancient Egypt where Dr Lehner surmised erroneously that the grave robbers tunneled into the Great Pyramid soon after it was built.  My detailed reply to this can be found in the Egypt section.

Sirius Rising is the term used to describe the day of the year when the star Sirius and the Sun rise on the horizon together.  In ancient Egypt this was the day chosen to be New Year’s Day.  Sirius Rising moves a day every 4 years, which means that one of the ancient Egyptian Calendars spanned a time of 365.25 X 4 = 1,461 years.  Over the length of this cycle, every day of the year would become New Year’s Day for 4 years before moving on to the next day.  Obviously Sirius was a very serious subject for the Egyptians and they considered it to be the Center of the Universe.

Ancient Egypt has been an avocation of mine for decades and I have been privileged enough to travel there multiple times.   A wonderful relationship was established with the Neters (Egyptian gods) which has continued into the present with occasional input and epiphanies being given to me.  Much of what has been received I have not been able to find in any books, such as many pieces of information concerning the fabulous properties of the Ankh.  To say that it is the symbol of Life barely scratches the surface of its true nature.

Crystals & Gemstones have been another avocation and passion of mine for decades.  I initially felt the urge to write a Blog many months ago, but it was not overwhelming enough to overcome the reticence of embarking upon such a project.  However during the time of the Super Blue Moon on January 31, 2018, the Blog energies became too strong to ignore any longer.


The initial thoughts concerning this endeavor are to share not only insights into ancient Egypt and Crystals, but also to impart bits of knowledge and wisdom and feelings concerning this time of disruptive change that we have all chosen to reside within.  It is fully anticipated that once it is initiated, that the Blog will then grow and transform itself into whatever form it needs to be.  Hopefully I will be an able discerner and open Channel of Truth in order for it to fully manifest.  There is a Public section that is free to all and a Members section that can be accessed for a small monthly consideration.

Love & Light, Ankh Udja Senb